drapes and lanterns decor at circa 39

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Enrichment Through Travel

Circa Mission: To create an enriching experience where unpretentious travelers feel like they belong.


We are committed to always doing what is right.


We provide quality service all the time and every time.


We respect our colleagues, our guests and the environment.


We are proud to be part of The Palms and Circa 39 family.


We recognize and welcome each team member and their contributions.


We work better together by supporting and relying on each other.

Attention to Detail

We look for the little things that can make a difference.


We know that we need to listen, understand, speak and make sure to be understood.


We are responsible people. We embrace accountability for seeing situations through to their solution.

Health Consciousness

We care for our health and support a wholesome lifestyle.

Environmental Friendliness

We strive to lessen the hotels’ and the guests’ impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility

We take time to find meaningful ways to help others and society at large for the ultimate benefit of all.