four friends clinking glasses of cocktails
A Taste of Miami's Cultural
Melting Pot

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Miami Beach Café & Craft Cocktail Bar

Step into a warm environment at Jules Kitchen and the WunderBar—relax and enjoy an authentic taste of Miami's cultural melting pot. From masterfully mixed, rum-infused cocktails to feel-good food from far-flung places, we offer a beautiful blend of global flavors and Miami specialities.

interior of jules kitchen dining area
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Using fresh ingredients and passion, flavors from around the world and vibrant presentation, our whimsical cafe on Collins Avenue serves global comfort food for any globetrotter’s basic needs. Start your day with our convenient breakfast buffet and coffee on the front porch or come back for a bite after the beach. Our friendly indoor/outdoor Miami Beach café is happy to serve you from morning to late.

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woman sitting at a wunderbar stool holding a pineapple


Ever wander around your neighborhood and stumble across a hidden gem that you never knew existed? WunderBar is that epic find that not only charms hotel guests, but locals alike. Using fresh ingredients, bright flavors from around the world and vibrant presentation, we showcase well-crafted spirits, with a focus on rum – the flavor of the tropics. We look forward to welcoming you to the WunderBar family.

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wundergarden courtyard of colorful seating surrounded by lush plants


Tucked at the heart of Circa 39 is a tropical hideaway amid orchids, palm trees, and exotic plants—a perfect place to relax, play games or bring your own food or drinks. On Thursday evenings, WunderGarden hosts Rum & Relaxation for hotel guests & locals alike, feat. barbecue & signature rum specials.

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